About Us



We were established in September 2017 as a division of Navitasoft Zrt, a medium-sized software development company based in Budapest, Hungary. We operate as an independent business unit under the name IP Energy Software.

The parent company designs, implements, and operates energy IT systems for players in the liberalized energy market.

Its products provide solutions for the full range of energy market activities.

It has already implemented and is implementing many major projects with several major players in the Hungarian and international energy market.

The developing work of the Subotica team is an integral part of this activity. It is carried out with a strong team spirit, in a relaxed, good atmosphere, and under European working conditions, to the highest possible standard.

We work with an agile developing methodology. Based on the principles of Scrum, teams are self-organized to pursue a common goal: helping each other to deliver the commitments by the end of the sprints. Our internationally recognized experts have excellent knowledge of the energy market. We are constantly learning. Good team spirit is important to us, so team-building events are frequent both inside and outside the office whenever possible. Our kitchen is not only a place for lunch, but also for cooking dinner, drinking beer, chatting, and making friends. Our playroom is a place to relax with foosball and table tennis.

Why the energy market? There are diverse and challenging business and technical problems to solve: real-time processing of massive amounts of data (e.g. time series), complex data models, complex algorithms, and delivering superior SLAs for their productized implementations.

Core values


No need to wait for years. We use an adaptive methodology, which is the fastest way to deliver actionable results.


Managing complex business requirements is a challenge. Our crucial quality factor is business usability.


Our company comprises skilled professionals in energy software development and business analysis, with a single goal: nothing is impossible.