We are five years old!

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Hello everyone, we are five years old!

After a few months of searching for software developers, IP Energy Software was founded in August 2017 in Subotica. At that time, we were existing in a temporary location, in a small office, a room, so to speak, sublet in an unused room of an office rented by another organization. But we had to start somewhere.

All this was preceded by a long search for a software development team of just a few people, and then several months of preparation by the team members for the first crucial interview. Because it was said that “if we find the team that meets the benchmark, we will open the office in Subotica”. The team was found and then we had to meet the benchmark, which took several months of training and finally a 10-day training course in Miskolc. Then came the all-important moment of the final interview and the team passed the final exam and the company was established. The founder of our company is the medium-sized company Navitasoft Ltd. from Budapest, the owner and the creator of the office in Subotica is Ákos Füzi.

Five years have passed since then and today we have seven team members, and we are no longer renting a small room, but on the first floor of Korzo 6, one of the most beautiful streets in the city, in a boldly renovated, extravagant environment, in a positive, friendly atmosphere. In the meantime, great men have joined us, in order of arrival Balázs, Endre and Norbi.

The past five years have brought many things, difficulties, new knowledge and new areas new teammates, but it seems like yesterday that we started on a common journey with the saying, “if we find a team that beats the benchmark, we will open the office in Subotica”.

I’m proud of these guys, as Ákos used to say, “your sons” are here and here and we should do this and that etc. I’m grateful that they believed that this could happen and they believe that what we are doing is good.

Thank you all for this and Happy 5th Birthday!!!

Mezei Zoltán


IP Energy Software

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